„Marble on Stage“ by Marsotto Edizioni: Collections from the past group together and greet the new

Marsotto Edizioni: „Marble on Stage“.

Italian enterprise for product design in marble presents new objects skillfully within the frame of the past

Companies working in product design must bring out a new collection every year or every season and thus risk that last year’s collection will fall into oblivion inadvertently.

Marsotto Company of Italy has set the scene at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in April this year to solve the dilemma: in an exhibit area in Via Bigli in the heart of the design district Marsotto put „Marble on Stage“ as the motto for the presentation and allowed the old to greet the incoming new.

The setting was as simple as it was effective: a black cat-walk was lined in pieces from the past. At the end of it the new products stood on an elevated stage.

Marsotto Edizioni, nendo: „Ballerina“.Marsotto Edizioni, nendo: „Ballerina“.

The name „Ballerina“, fitting not only because of the table legs. It is a side-table in various sizes by Oki Sato of Japan’s nendo Studio.

Marsotto Edizioni, Philippe Malouin: „Place Wardrobe“.Marsotto Edizioni, Philippe Malouin: „Place Desk“.

„Place“, was the second novelty. These are flexible shelves which can double as a wardrobe or console. So, the full name is „Place Wardrobe“, „Place Desk“ or „Place Console“ respectively by designer Philippe Malouin.

The single elements are conjoined in such a way that they are moveable yet cannot fall out.

As usual with Marsotto Edizioni, the objects are available in Carrara Marble and black Nero Marquina. The pieces are exquisitely worked and meet the highest of standards as is the company’s trademark.

Marsotto Edizioni

Photos/Renderings: Marsotto

Oki Sato, studio nendo.Philippe Malouin.

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