Design: Scotch-hopping to your heart’s content

Ludendo1(Mai 2008) Hopscotch used to be an important pass-time for children as can be seen on old photos. It was the aim of the Animum Ludendo Coles-group to recapture the ambiance of yester-year and to offer concrete and customized solutions for the creation of more comfortable, pleasant, healthy, stimulating spaces by integrating mosaϊque and lines for street-games into the pavement.

The group has designed many pedestrian zones, parks and gardens throughout Italy since the 90’s always chosing traditional building materials like natural stone. Most commonly basaltina is used. It’s mechanical properties and frost-resistance make it a natural and well suited. Not only is it the aim to break bad building and construction habits but at the same time, to revive and promote traditional crafts and skills and open new fields for them.

Last but not least we want to „improve living-space and quality of life for children and adults alike“, as group-member Paola Maestroni answered Strengthening the sense of community is another declared aim. Animum Ludendo Coles was founded by city-planner Furio Ferri.