In the readers’ interest: use to raise awareness for your stand at Marmomac and your company profile

Special Newsletter: Marmomac(c). will be sending out Special Newsletters to its 5,500 addresses in the stone branch in the run-up to this year’s Marmomac

For some years the Verona Marmomac has expanded to such proportions that visitors are barely able to see new stands next to those of their established clients.

Therefore, offers exhibitors the unique opportunity of directing awareness on themselves in the run-up to the fair: from the end of August and throughout September Special Newsletters, in which exhibitors can expound on their stand design or company profile, will be sent out. The number of the stands will be included in these newsletters.

These special publications are going out to our 5,500 addresses in the stone branch world wide.

Learn more by contacting Peter Becker, publisher of (Mail).

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

(15.06.2017, USA: 06.15.2017)