„Materic“ marble table by Piero Lissoni for Porro furniture company

Furniture with marble

The designer created a simple top with optional central turning disc available in 6 matt or glossy stone variations

Italian furninture company Porro sent us this press release about its new „Materic“ table created by designer Piero Lissoni:

„The new Materic table emerges in the space with its clear and rigorously fashionable aesthetic, a decorative object that juxtaposes the absolute simplicity of its form with the attention to detail and workmanship.

„An exercise in totally pure geometry, a thin circle resting on a truncated cone, it is tinged with the rich highlights of the surface in marble, and the intense dark of the solid black stained ash base, tapered and then turned with a delicate wedge design recalls the columns of the Greek temples. The top, with optional central turning disc, is available in 6 precious matt or glossy marbles: „Bianco Carrara”, „Grey Valentine”, „Sahara Noir”, „Verde Rameggiato”, „Covelano Fantastico”, „Calacatta Oro”.

„A visual icon, that mixes classical inspiration with a contemporary soul.“


Photos/Renderings: Porro

Furniture with marbleFurniture with marbleFurniture with marble

(20.06.2017, USA: 06.20.2017)