Citco and Citco Privé: Furniture and decorative items in marble like works of art

Italian Company supplements its collection with new pieces / marble and granite complemented by exceptional workmanship

Update: At the National Museum of Arts of the XXI Century (MAXXI) in Rome, in the exhibition „Zaha Hadid and Italy”, Citco shows the vases „Tau“ and the „Mercuric Tables“ from its Zaha Hadid Collection (until January 14, 2018).

Italian brand names Citco and Citco Privé have been introducing a new collection every year to complement products in the current line of production. We show some of the works displayed at this year’s Salone del Mobile Furniture Trade Fair. Both design and craftsmanship from design to realization were of exceptionally high quality.

Citco solicits ideas from world-renowned architects and designers. This year Stefano Bigi, Ferruccio Laviani, Arik Levy, Daniel Libeskind, Jean Nouveal, Ora ïto, and Zaha Hadid designed the drafts.


Fotos: Franco Chimenti

Citco Privé 2017: „Pavo“.Citco Privé 2017: „Shööna“.Citco Privé 2017: „Shööna“.Citco Privé 2017: „Ginevra“.Citco Privé 2017: „Ginevra“.Citco Privé 2017: „Dama“.Citco Privé 2017: „Dama“.
Citco at the Salone del Mobile 2017.Citco 2107: Stefano Bigi, mirror „Eole“.Citco 2107: Stefano Bigi, mirror „Eole“.Citco 2107: Zaha Hadid Design, centrepiece „Orbi“.Zaha Hadid Design, tables „Nesta“.Citco 2017: Aric Levy, bookcase „Mineral Structures“.Citco 2017: Ora ïto, chaise longue „Venus“.Citco 2017: Ferruccio Laviani, table „Slice“.Citco 2017: Daniel Libeskind, coffee table and dining table „El Lupo“.Citco 2017: Daniel Libeskind, dining table „El Lupo“.Citco 2017: Jean Nouvel, Onyx carpet „286 million years“.

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