Lipstick with granite as a monument for the city of Emmaboda in Sweden

Artist Åsa Jungnelius has dedicated her working sphere to the role of genders and given her current work the title „The Monument“

Sweden’s town of Emmaboda with its population of some 5,000 souls may not be world-famous, but it does possess a unique distinguishing factor: a lipstick made with natural stone, man-sized, and standing upright alone in a centrally located public place.

The artist, Åsa Jungnelius, created the monument and named it „The Monument“. The municipality had invited creative minds including Åsa Jungnelius to submit drafts.
Åsa’s works, which had previously been mostly in glass, are all about living together in a unified society. Lipstick represents gender issues. „I use material as a language“, she writes.

Her webpage lists a number of objects serving to conjugate the topic of power.
„The Monument“ also represents the many lipsticks she has already made in glass.

The material implemented from top to bottom: the pink section is made of lacquered metal; for the handle under it, Jungnelius used Flivik granite followed by a small slice of black diabase Burn Hult, the foot and below it, the pedestal are made of concrete; the column supporting the lipstick is made of stainless steel.

The stone’s supplier helped her a great deal, she notes full of praise. Granite is, after all, quite different from glass.

For those able to cope with the Swedish language: The Lipstick caught our attention while leafing through the trade magazine Sten (June 2016) published by the Swedish Natural Stone Trade Organization.

Åsa Jungnelius


Photo: Åsa Jungnelius

(26.07.2017, USA: 07.26.2017)