KATUBA BLUE, a calcareous gneiss from Africa with parts of blue Sodalite by Summersky Zambia Limited

Name: Katuba Blue

Type of stone: Calcareous Gneiss

Quarry: Katuba Area, Chibombo District, Central Province, Zambia

Peculiarities: Decorative Stone with parts of blue Sodalite. Content of Sodalite is resistant against acids used under normal conditions. No change in color.

Application: Preferred for high quality interior design. It is usable for decorative exterior and landscape architectural components, too.

Surfaces: All kinds of finishings except flaming (because no significant content of quartz).

Contact: Karl Steidel, Summersky Zambia Limited, Mail

Photos: Karl Steidel

African Gneiss Katuba Blue.African Gneiss Katuba Blue.

Technical data:

Water absorption rate: (DIN EN 13755:2002-02): 0.2 Mass-%

Specific gravity: 2.56 kg/cdm (DIN EN 1936:1999-07)

Flectional strength: 11,6 MPa (DIN EN 12372:1999-06, DIN EN 12371:2002-01)

Frost resistance: F1 (stable) (DIN EN 12372:1999-06, DIN EN 1341:2002-04, DIN EN 1343:2002-04)

Radiation exposition, Gamma-radiation: 180 nSV/h (insignificant)

Acid resistance: resistant against low concentrated acids

Rust resistance: no rust

African Gneiss Katuba Blue. Photo: Ralf WitzigmannAfrican Gneiss Katuba Blue.