„Trombetta“ by Moreno Ratti: marble as an amplifier for mobile phones

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Stone has much to say. Anyone visiting the Pyramids in Egypt or ancient Roman buildings will tell you as much. Acoustic qualities of e.g.: marble have often been tried and tested. Most recently designers have taken an interest in stone loudspeakers: a mobile phone is inserted in a slot cut into marble, the sound is thus amplified through the stone.

Moreno Ratti, who enjoys experimenting with Carrara-Marble from back home, has developed „Trombetta“ (trumpet) displaying such properties. A mere massive cube on the outside, Trombetta is a megaphone on the inside.

Note the curved shape, reminiscent of gramophones of yore.

Moreno Ratti: „Trombetta“.

To realize this shape, the stone first had to be cut into two halves. The prototype, as seen in the photo is held together with the help of magnets. Mass-produced pieces are to be held together with the aid of brass bolts.

Segmented, the „auditory meatus“ can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Moreno Ratti comments his newest piece like this: „The idea was to create an object with minimal form but with a great heart inside.“

Moreno Ratti


Photos: Moreno Ratti

(28.08.2017, USA: 08.28.2017)