Salvatori and Michael Anastassiades: volcanos in Basaltina stone

Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „The End of The Affair“.

Italian company known for its unusual ideas has brought new product design and furniture objects to the market

Salvatori, an Italian-based company for unusual product ideas in natural stone, likes to invite designers to a brain-storming. This year Michael Anastassiades designed not only a collection of tables. He topped it off with models of a volcano.

The models are made of Basaltina. In this case the model of the Vesuvius measures 81 x 80 x 16.8 cm (high).

The Cypriote designer has made London his home. With the help of the stone chunks he collects in nature, he sets them according to the tradition of Shinseki for the purpose of meditation. In the case of volcanos he is fascinated by their „longevity, stability and immortality“ as well as by their „underlying hint of dormant danger and power“.

Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades, „The End of The Affair“: Vesuvio.Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „The End of The Affair“.

His volcanos bearing the title „The End of The Affair“ are available in limited edition of 13 pieces each and can be purchased online at a cost of 11,000.00 € each.

Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „Love me, love me not“. Photo: Peter BeckerSalvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „Love me, love me not“. Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „Love me, love me not“.

Anastassiades’ collection of tables bear the title „Love me, love me not“. With this creation, he expounds and puts into scene the luxurious opulence of some types of stone: on occasion of the Salone del Mobile, the Trade Fair for Furnishing, he designed a dining-room table measuring 185 x 120 cm in „Rouge de Roi“ Marble.

The table with various tops and legs is available in a number of stone types.

Salvatori, Michael Anastassiades: „Paperweight“.

Anastassiades also contributed a household item to Salvatori’s collection, namely the paperweight called, rather unsurprisingly: „Paperweight“ and available in two shapes. He had the idea as he was designing table legs, according to the company.

Salvatori, Elisa Ossino: „Fontane Bianchi“.Salvatori, Elisa Ossino: „Fontane Bianchi“.Salvatori, Elisa Ossino: „Fontane Bianchi“.

„Fontane Bianche“ by designer Elisa Ossino also includes new household items, e.g.: a vanity, several wall mounted fixtures and a variety of containers.


Photos: Salvatori

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