Trade analysis „Stone Sector 2017“ by IMM Carrara: no more available for free, but with a new valuable section about high-growth markets

Cover „Stone Sector 2017“.

The report is developing a new profile also promoting technical innovation from companies

„Stone Sector 2017“ is Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara’s analysis of the worldwide natural stone trade from an Italien perspective published since over 30 years. This year’s issue brings important changes: the report is no more available for free, and in return IMM’s research office has added a new section titled „Focus on growing countries“. Added is also a section „Stone Sector Innovation“ promoting Italien firms for stone technology.

As in the years before, particular attention is paid to the country’s imports and exports.

The price for the valuable report with nearly 140 pages in Italian and English is moderate: 8 € for a pdf or 10 € + shipping costs for the report as print.

We give some brief information about the 2 new sections.

In „Focus on growing countries“, new markets are identified which in 2016 had stone imports of „not less than 20 million € and which, over the last two years 2016/2014, have recorded growth (of stone imports) not less than 35%“. That is the definition of so-called high-growth markets given by Manuela Gussoni, head of IMM’S research section.

On the first place in a list of 7 countries is Malaysia. „In 2016, Malaysia imported stone materials for a total value of nearly 77 million €, more than doubling the value of 2014 imports. China is the first supplier country with a market share of 81%, against a 2% share of the Italian market. Malaysia, on the other hand, purchases marble from China with a very high average value reaching almost 800 € per ton, for which we believe there are good opportunities for growth also for the Italian companies.“

As well as Malaysia, most of the other 6 countries in the list haven’t yet been identified as promising markets for the stone sector. Please note: much more than the pure list is not given but for 8 € only scroungers would expect more.

The section „Stone Sector Innovation” is a presentation of Italian technology companies and their new products with special focus on sustainability and security. Listed are 8 producers and their products from resin reinforcement of quarry banks and waste reuse to special diamond wire cutters, just to mention a few. Some descriptions are followed by an advert of the company.

IMM Carrara: Stone Sector 2017

(28.09.2017, USA: 09.28.2017)