Leading stone companies from Spain and Greece use Head Mounted Displays to bring the quarry to the customer, instead of vice versa

<a href=" http://www.stonegroup.gr/"target="_blank">Stone Group International</a>.

Presentation for the first time at Marmomac

Many companies use the quarry for promotion: they invite customers for visits or show it on large screens at their booths. At Marmomac (September 27 – 30, 2017) some firms used Head Mounted Displays to take the quarry close to the customer, instead of vice versa and to show scenes which normally cannot be shown.

Spanish Levantina Group and Greek Stone Group International (SGI) performed bird’s-eye views from their monumental quarries or bottom views from next to the wheels of their giant transporters. Both companies will provide their traders with Head Mounted Displays including a cellphone as porter of the data and the software. The aim is to emotionally impress the architects or the final customers.

The quarry sells, so to say. We will soon report about the company’s concepts.

<a href=" http://www.levantina.com/"target="_blank">Levantina Group</a>. Photo: Levantina

Levantina Group even went a step further and used Virtual Realities in its Head Mounted Displays. Visitors could feel themselves like walking around in a bathroom. The programming was interactive so e.g. the tiles at the walls or at the floor could be changed. This had been possible already with configurators yet now the client can virtually see the site form all views.

The technology was also shown at Cersaie Fair for Ceramics which took place in Bologna. About a handful of producers showed their technology of Virtual Reality.

Source: Veronafiere.

Marmomac hat its 52nd edition this year. According to Veronafiere data, it realized about 1650 exhibitors, 64% of them from 56 foreign countries. The organizers preview 67.000 visitors from 145 countries. The fair had been booked out already 5 months before its date.

We show some of the booths with interesting design or innovative product ideas. In later issues, we will also report about the fair’s activities to grow.

Part of Marmomac’s program was the Best Communicator Award. At the bottom of this site, we present those winners’ booths Veronafiere had provided us with photos. In the subtitles, the jury’s comments are given.

The award of the organization „Le Donne del Marmo” (The Marble Women) was given to the architect Anna Carulli, president of the Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura (Inbar). She has worked about the use of natural stone in bioarchitecture.

Marmomac 2018, September 26 – 29

Complete list of Best Communicator Award winners

Program of Marmomac 2017

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<a href=" http://www.levantina.com/"target="_blank">Levantina Group</a> had an abstract quarry in the focus of its booth, as a place „Wide Open“ symbolizing the kind of contact the company wants to have with the customer. Photo: Levantina<a href="http://www.margraf.it/"target="_blank">Margraf</a>.<a href="http://www.marmobon.it/"target="_blank">Marmobon</a>.<a href="http://www.lsi-stone.com/"target="_blank">LSI Stone</a>.<a href="http://www.scalvinimarmi.it/"target="_blank">Scalvini Marmi</a>.<a href="http://www.odonemarmi.it/"target="_blank">Odone Angelo</a>.<a href="http://www.airemarmores.com/"target="_blank">Airemarmores</a>.<a href="http://www.progettoartepoli.com/"target="_blank">Progetto Arte Poli</a>.<a href="http://www.baccimarmi.it/"target="_blank">Bacci Marmi</a>: Einlegearbeit mit Holz und Metall in weißem Marmor.Artificial stone: <a href="http://www.marmiscala.com/"target="_blank">Marmi Scala</a>.<a href="http://www.nichestones.com/"target="_blank">Nichestones</a>.Best Communicator Award, Design, Italy: First Prize to Tosco Marmi Palissandro „for the formal result going far beyond the usual vision of the world of marble, with an open and organic exhibit expressing all the breadth of application for the products of this brand“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Design, International: First Prize to Pavlidis Marble Granite, Greece „for exploiting a strong architectural image to identify two adjacent exhibition spaces along the aisle by confirming a clear identity of the design language in the meeting lounge and the exhibition space as suchBest Communicator Award, Stone, Italy: First Prize to Errebi Marmi „for the astonishing grace of the marble surfaces protruding from the wall to enhance the chromatic characteristics of the material. Light and furnishing were chosen and designed to emphasize the identity of the project“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Stone, International: First Prize to Akdo Silkar, Turkey „for a huge variety of shapes and sizes ensure that marble surfaces can anticipate a far-reaching and unusual range of applications for interior finishes“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Machinery, Italy: First Prize to Breton „a common theme links the excellence of the production process with the brand by confirming the unitary nature of spatial design, machinery and corporate communication“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Machinery, International: First Prize to Thibaut, France „for skill in communicating the technological language and completeness of the equipment while always placing the machine in the forefront“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Tools, Italy: First Prize to Nicolai Diamant „the peak of representation of the production process through the language of video with floor-mounted screens taking the story of the company and its products beyond the exhibit into the company's own vital space“. Photo: Luca MorandiniBest Communicator Award, Tools, International: First Prize to Blick Industries, United States, „for the architectural effect realized through its tools and the strong graphic effect from the effective use of the lettering“. Photo: Luca Morandini

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