Congress and workshop „Dry-stone Technique to World Heritage“ in Mallorca between October 26th and 29th 2017

Dry-stone walls belong the natural landscape shaped by human activities (cultural landscape). Photo from Yorkshire, England: Kreuzschnabel / Wikimedia Commons

The meeting will discuss the recognition of dry-wall construction as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Med-Stone Congress „Dry-stone Technique to World Heritage“ will take place in Mallorca between October 26th and 29th 2017. The international meeting will bring together experts and professionals in the dry-stone walling technique.

The aim of the Congress is to unite forces that the ancient art of building walls or shelters only by stacking stones without any binding material will be recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This initiative comes from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. Especially in these countries, such constructions are common as protection of steep terrains, bridges, farmhouses and much more.

One of the typical features is that the stones used in the various objects are always found locally.

The Congress is divided into 4 thematic areas related to the UNESCO candidature. The first section will feature the dry-stone heritage of the Balearic Islands and the dossiers submitted by the Spanish autonomous communities which form part of the candidature, as well as the heritage of the 8 European countries comprising it.

The other 3 sections will deal with measures to provide preservation assurances for the candidature, such as the essential professional certification of the trade, the ways in which the public administrations can promote its protection and the circulation of good practices.

Also parallel to the Congress will take place a professional workshop in the village of Deià, located in the Serra de Tramuntana. The workshop focuses on the singularities of the Mallorcan dry-stone walling technique, allowing its participants to closely experience the task and values of the historical craft as it is.

Med-Stone Congress

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