New method to work engineered stone: score then break like glass

Manual demonstration of the ease with which a scored piece of engineered stone can be broken.

Italian machine manufacturer Intermac presented a further development of its „Genius RS-A“ at Marmomac 2017

This machine will make life yet a little harder for natural stone producers: at this year’s Marmomac, Italian manufacturer Intermac presented yet another development of its „Genius RS-A“ allowing users to score and break engineered stone like glass. Breaking the engineered stone is done hydraulically. The method is suitable for sintered materials according to director of sales Franco Angelotti.

Engineered stone of up to 12 mm strength can be worked in this manner provided the cut is a straight line. For non-linear cuts the maximum strength of the material is 5 mm. If, e.g., the desired end product is to be circular, the built-in software will provide necessary vectors to allow the product to be punched out.

A major advantage of this technology is the dry cutting saving on protective clothing and filtration and allowing for safe, dust-free working environments, a major topic of late.
Also, material can be cut at high speed keeping costs at a minimum. The software is even able to recognize the exact position of the piece on the workbench.

Natural stone cannot be worked in this manner due to its crystalline structure.


(09.11.2017, USA: 11.09.2017)