Weekend pavilion in Spain’s Vall de Lugar: drywall façade

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

Architects customized the building to fit into the landscape and found solutions for the building ordinance derived from rural planning

The land could have sprung straight out of a prospectus for investors: it is situated in a quiet part of Spain and allows a fantastic view of the Mediterranean coast some 15 km away as the crow flies. All around farming and agriculture is the predominant use of land, in particular cherry plantations whose pink hue and hypnotic fragrance toss their delicate veil over the landscape in spring.

But the building ordinance could frighten any investor away: no big building complexes are allowed – houses with base areas of only 25 m² may be erected as is the norm in the area.

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

The architects were Jorges Cortés, Borja García and Sergio García-Gasco of Made in cooperation with Inma Lifante. In creating Weekend Pavilion in Spain’s Vall de Laguar in the Province of Alicante, they found a way to creatively interpret the ordinances: The ground floor comprises the living room and kitchen, above it the bedroom. The subterranean cistern space with some 50 m² surface area, permissible in the dry zone for watering purposes, is now a studio in the basement, a bathroom and another bedroom.

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

Living and working in the basement? Two light shafts double as benches above ground.
Unmistakably the house blends into the landscape not only because of its size: optically it is almost camouflaged. The façade is crafted in dry wall technology the same as all around the cherry groves. Behind the 10-15 cm dry wall borders the house walls stand firm in 30 cm concrete.

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

The dry walls were built by local craftsmen with local stone.

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

But were does one but closets and furniture to fit in a 25 m² base? One of the walls on the ground floor is wider than the other and incorporates a 60 cm-deep storage/closet space.

The roof is a mono-pitched roof as locally prevailing and in keeping with the building ordinance. Roofing is made of ceramic tiles.

The electric power is provided by solar cells or generators. The house has its own water reservoir and septic tank.

Made Architects

Photos: Borja García, Sergio García-Gasco

Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.Made Architects: Weekend pavilion.

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