Love, peace, and prosperity for 2018

Stones 2017: (f.l.t.r.) exotic granite „Black Fusion“, <a href=""target="_blank">Guidoni Group</a>, Brazil; granite „Golovyrensky”, <a href=""target="_blank">Stonex Group</a>, Russia; quarzite „Sioux“, <a href=""target="_blank">Brasigran</a>, Brazil; marble „Venus Vox“, <a href=""target="_blank">Stone Group International</a>, Greece. wishes its readers and clients a happy and prosperous New Year.

A hearty thanks to all our readers for the many wonderful natural-stone-ideas from around the globe which we used for our publication. is taking a few days off: Our next issue will appear on January 5th 2018.

We are looking forward to 2018.

Apollo 17: „Blue Marble“.Everybody knows the photo: it was taken by the Apollo 17 crew during December 1972. Titled „Blue Marble” it went around the world. Remarkable from today’s view, 45 years later, is: the white cloud bands which once were only fascinating make us scared of next year’s hurricanes and tiphoons. Photo: Nasa / Wikimedia Commons

(28.12.2017, USA: 12.28.2017)