Mirrors with digital marble print

Armando Bruno: „One to One“

Italian designer Armando Bruno will show his new collection named „One to One“ at the Milanese Design Week, in April, 2018

„One to One“ is the title of a new collection by Italian designer Armando Bruno using. The pieces are made of 100% glass with digital prints of marble on it. They are only available in limited numbers.

„The collection of mirrors evokes the artistic guidance mainly geometric, declined in four main shapes (circle, hexagon, triangle and rectangle), with different formats,“ according to a press release.

„Exclusive and numbered pieces, for a touch of uniqueness in the spaces of contemporary living.“

The collection will be presented for the first time during the Milan Design Week, in April 2018.

Armando Bruno: „One to One“.Armando Bruno: „One to One“.Armando Bruno: „One to One“.

(25.01.2018, USA: 01.25.2018)