Xiamen Stone Fair 2018 with forum on contacts to the ambitious private sector and „Stone Infinite“ – an exhibit dedicated to product-design

World Stone Congress 2016.

In its 18th year the World Stone Congress hopes to keep course and strengthen its position as an information forum and market place for all themes

The coming year of the dog holds numerous changes in stock at the Xiamen Natural Stone Trade Fair (March 06 – 09, 2018):
* No-longer merely a venue for trade, the Fair aims to become a meeting and exchange point for current topics in the branch where new development can be presented. The World Stone Congress (WSC) will take on a central role in the information forum;
* For the first time the Congress will be complemented by the „Stone Infinite“-Exhibit, where marketable value-added stone products are presented;
* And last, but not least, this 18th Fair aims to further distinguish itself as a site for quality of the exhibitors and of their wares. The recent past already showed a marked development in this area with a constant decline in micro-exhibitors.

In the morning of the second day of the fair (Wednesday 07, 2018), the Congress will address a new challenge for China’s natural stone branch, i.e.: handling of demanding private clients on the local market. This is a topic of interest for companies from the West as well.

Customer care themes have increased in importance now that China’s time of large public and private building projects, such as airports, hotels and building complexes draws to a close.

But the demand for natural stone is still very high albeit coming more from the private sector, building high-value apartments or refurbishing an existing real-estate object.

Natural stone is not only in the focus of the very rich: the middle class is also showing interest.

However, what’s sauce to the goose, is not necessarily sauce to the gander: private clients do not react favorably to the tone used on mammoth construction sites.
How companies can improve relations is one topic of the talks.

Xiamen Stone Fair: Stone Infinite exhibition.

„Stone Infinite – Product Design Show“ is the title of a new exhibit. Companies from around the world present their ideas: the guideline is to show the prêt à porter – stone products which sell, not necessarily fancy knick-knacks or aloof objects.

Talks held at the design-afternoon on the same day are also aimed at the markets:
* „Design with stone“ is in the focus rather than „stone design“. All around the world, designer trade fairs are looking toward products not made exclusively of marble, granite or the like;
* In view of the increasing size of metropolises, there is also an increasing demand for opulently designed spaces with which citizens can identify – plazas, fountains, columns or special nooks have a long history of natural stone implementation.
Stone-Ideas.com was involved in the planning of these events and in the choice of exhibitors and speakers.
Further sections of the WSV such as the „Launch Out“ or „Educational Session“ will also take place.

Xiamen Stone Fair, March 06 – 09, 2018

World Stone Congress