Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“: a hotel lobby with an over-sized woman’s head in marble by artist Jaume Plensa

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“: Jaume Plensa, „Mar Whispering“.

Universal Design Studio from London burned a building of the Brutalist school of architecture into a luxury hotel with ample works of art

Guests at Stockholm’s new “At Six“ were to experience the extraordinary: upon entering the lobby, visitors face a 2.5 m high marble sculpture of a woman’s head placed in the middle of a representative staircase. The sculpture is the work of the famous Spanish artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa renowned for his gigantic marble head sculptures.

Sune Nordgren was entrusted with the artistic furbishing. He describes the result: “The art I choose here has to stand out by itself, be thought-provoking, but not disturbing. Attractive and challenging, and preferably perfect for its place.“

The title of the female head is “Mar Whispering“.

Jaume Plensa, “The Dream“, St Helens. Photo: Tony Grist / Wikimedia Commons

“The Dream“ was a similar work of Plensa’s situated in the strip-mining town of St Helens in Northwest England. However, this one towers 20 m high and is clad in pristine white limestone over a concrete core. The artist sees the virgin white in sharp contrast to the black coal which optically dominated the region and was the main means of income.

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“. Photo: Creative Commons / At Six Hotel

The At Six Hotel building itself also has a “questionable“ historic background: The building was a typical example of the Brutalist school of architecture with concrete as the distinguishing factor, overpowering everything else within close proximity. It replaced opulent buildings around the Brunkebergstorg-Plaza built in Belle Époque-Style, many of which not only on the Plaza were torn down in the 70’s.

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“: Jaume Plensa, “Mar Whispering“.

Members of the renowned London Universal Design Studio took it upon themselves to transform the building into a glamorous luxury hotel for demanding guests. Managing Director of Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Jennie Hahmann Håkanson describes the undertaking like this: “Our ambition is to give Stockholm something totally new: an experience that is both art, design and service of the highest level.“

The unusual experience is expressed not only in the works of art on display. The furniture, too, is for the most part uniquely designed for the Hotel.

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“.

To name but one detail of the interior design: a local saddler/upholsterer was solicited to envelope the handrail of the marble stairwell in leather.

343 guestrooms spread over 10 floors plus a penthouse suite, a restaurant and three bars (wine, cocktails and low-listening) ensure the comfort of the guests. And a 2000 m² event room as well as several extra work spaces complete the picture.

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“.

Natural stone is, with the exception of the marble staircase, not overwhelming. It can be found as flooring in the lobby and at the bars or as a shelf in rooms as well as a massif stone bathtub in the Masterpiece Suite.

At Six

Jaume Plensa

Universal Design Studio

Photos: Foto: Andy Liffner / At Six Hotel

Stockholm’s Art Hotel “At Six“, Masterpiece Suite.

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