Full House: Deck of marble poker cards by US-Mikol Company

A Royal Flush, made by Mikol.

Millimeter thin stone on a backing layer no thicker than a credit card

Mikol is a young US-American company dedicated to marble. Millimeter-thin layers of real marble become anything from magnets to cellphone casings. Other products, such as coasters or ice-cubes are made of solid stone.

The latest product idea is a poker deck. The cards come in standard size and are about the same thickness as a credit card. The deck is complete or a set with 4 aces.

We asked around in editor’s circle to get a reaction.

A poker deck made of marble is not suitable for professional players, we heard. Anyone serious about betting at the table would need to lift but a corner of a card. „Too many eyes are interested in a hand“, we were told…

… and as a prize at a tournament? We were told: at a tournament, players are out to win money, not toys.

The company itself defines its target group: „This real marble deck of cards is designed for the collector who has everything else out there and wants to enjoy something different.


(07.02.2018, USA: 02.07.2018)