Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Photo: Artistic Tile.„The Home Chef“ is a presentation on US-based Artistic Tile Company’s website, in which Vice President Zachary Epstein is presenting his culinary skills in the home kitchen. His entire family including the dog can be seen in various settings throughout the house, all of which prominently show ample natural stone elements.

The Getty Trust will be conducting research on the erosion of sandstone in an ongoing project until at least 2020 in partnership with the School of Geography and Environment at the University of Oxford.

„Amore senza tempo“ (timeless love) is part of a blog on in-house use of natural stone (Italian).

A new webpage informs about the Welsh branch of the British Dry Stone Walling Association. Craftsman Sean Addock is a member and publishes the magazine „Stonechat“ (1, 2).

A new type of building block filled with aerogel could enable building thin high-insulation walls without the need for extra insulation layers according to the Swiss research institute Empa.

Video of the month: Rijal Almaa is a village in Saudi Arabia built all in natural stone with White bands around the windows. Part of this example for tradional Saudi-Arabian architecture was restored and preserved. The village is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage (Video, 1, 2).

(19.03.2018, USA: 03.19.2018)