Slim waisted coffee table and side table

Coffee Table „Network“.

Christian Stoffel of German-based favius designstudio pays particular attention to aesthetics and longevity of his furniture

„Network“ is the name this young upwardly striving German design studio favius gave its collection comprising a coffee table, side table and a stool. The tables both have a marble top. The furniture’s distinguishing factor is the corset-like stainless steel mesh lending both flexibility and stability but also what appears to be a slim waist. Designer is Christian Stoffel.

The Designers of favius focus on „pure materials, aesthetics and workmanship“. Material implemented is derived from local sources in southern Germany. The pieces are manufactured in close proximity to the Studio.

„The quality of raw material and craftsmanship ensure that furniture and accessories endure decades of use“, another design credo. Longevity goes hand in hand with sustainability.


Renderings/Photos: favius

Side Table „Network“.Stool „Network“.

(06.04.2018, USA: 04.06.2018)