Willowbank School of Restoration Arts Introduces Entrance Scholarships

Cover of a brochure from Willowbank.

50% cost support from the Dalglish Family will be given to talented students who would otherwise be unable to attend the school

Canada’s School of Restoration Arts at Willowbank has announced first-ever entrance scholarships for incoming students. Newly established scholarships, sustained by a generous 3-year funding commitment from the Dalglish Family Foundation, will support talented first year students who would otherwise be unable to attend Willowbank.

Willowbank is an internationally renowned, charitable institution located on a National Historic Site in the Village of Queenston in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Entering its 12th year, it is pioneering an ecological approach to heritage conservation and renewal. Through a unique 3-year Diploma in Heritage Conservation, it is developing an innovative way of thinking about the past to create a more sustainable future.

Willowbank’s approach to learning embraces interdisciplinary problem-solving and an integrated study of people, practices and place. Its progressive and unconventional educational model provides academic theory and hands-on training in traditional building techniques.

Students are taught by a faculty drawn from leading professionals in the fields of conservation, design and sustainability, that include master tradespeople, designers, planners, academics and artisans. Graduates are forming a growing international network of new professionals – individuals trained in the contemporary practice of heritage, and uniquely equipped to address questions of development and conservation in the 21st century.

Beginning with the Fall 2018 program, candidates with demonstrated financial challenges now can apply for a scholarship covering up to 50% of their first-year tuition.
The Dalglishes have previously supported Willowbank through Prince’s Charities Canada by giving Willowbank students an opportunity to attend the Prince’s Foundation Summer School. The Dalglish Family commitment is a testament to their confidence in Willowbank.

Applications for the Fall 2018 program are currently being accepted. Places are limited. To schedule a campus tour or to apply, please visit http://www.willowbank.ca.

(08.05.2018, USA: 05.08.2018)