Poznan Stone Fair (November 14 – 17, 2018): „Arena” as a new forum for design, mosaic art, and architecture

The logo of the Stone trade fair in Poznan.

The fair in the Polish industrial city will have a new platform for lectures to give visitors and exhibitors a value added

„Arena” is a new event at Stone Fair in Poznan (November 14 – 17, 2018). It will bring together international lecturers to speak about topics important for the stone industry: design, mosaics and innovative architectural ideas. The name „Arena” refers to a fair held in Poznan in March every year which is the main meeting point for designers and architects in Poland. By using the same name, the fair organizer MTP (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) wants to attract this audience also to its stone fair.

In the future, Arena will „become an integral part of the fair, focusing on the substance, showing innovative solutions with the use of stone and glass”, according to a press release. Glass is also a topic of the fair as both materials use the machinery from the same producers.

Stone Industry Fair will have it 18th edition this year. „It is the most important event for the stone industry in Central and Eastern Europe”, the organizer informs. It will „again address stonemasons, representatives of the construction sector, architects, designers and design offices”.

A detailed program of Arena Stone 2018 will soon be available. Here the speakers:

Raffaello Galiotto.Raffaello Galiotto: A teacher of design at the University of Ferrara in Italy. A graduate of the faculty of chemistry and the faculty of arts at Accademia di Belle Arte in Venice. After obtaining the diploma at the arts university he devoted himself totally to design. In 1995 he opened his own design studio in Chiampo, North Italy. In his designs, he tries to combine the knowledge related to product design with the technology of working in marble. Since 2014 he has been acting as a curator of the experimental Marmomac pavilion called The Italian Stone Theatre.

Giulio Menossi.Giulio Menossi: Worldwide recognized expert in creating mosaics. He has been dealing with their designing and performing for over 38 years. Mosaic compositions made by him comprise a wide range of topics, including religious icons, portraits, and reproductions of classic pieces of arts. He creates his works in his own workshop in Udine, Italy (nearby Venice), which he founded in 1976. Many exhibitions and shows were devoted to his works, both individual and collective, among others, International Review of Mosaic in Buenos Aires.

Peter Becker.Peter Becker: Editor-in-Chief of the trade portal Stone-Ideas.com addressed to professionals and enthusiasts of the stone industry. He is a worldwide recognized expert in the field of designing products and innovative architectural solutions with marble, granite, etc. A graduate of the Technical University of Berlin. Having gained the first journalist experience as an editor writing for one of Berlin newspapers, he started to work as a freelancer and this is when he discovered the abundance of forms offered by natural stone. In 2008 he founded the Stone-Ideas.com portal.

Stone, Poznan, November 14 – 17, 2018

(14.06.2018, USA: 06.14.2018)