„Magma 04“: liquid basalt imitation as a seminal component for product design

Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.

Mexican studio C 37 has compounded 77% mineral meal and 23% inorganic compound to create a new material

„Magma 04“ is the name given to the new material by the Mexican studio C 37 design team. It is made of 77% mineral meal or powder and 23% inorganic additives. Its appearance closely resembles that of basalt.

Combined, the components are first stirred together to a liquid which is poured into a cast. It hardens within half an hour.

The designers’ aim was to provide creative colleagues with a novel type of material, which can be worked quickly and immediately and can, e.g., be poured into the desired shape right from the start.

Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.

If a blank is produced, it can be worked with the standard stonemasons’ machinery and tools.

Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.

Depending on the client’s wishes, the mixture can be modified to render a porous or dense surface ready to be polished. Four hues are currently available (light, medium, dark, and black), whereby individual color combinations are also possible.

„Magma 04“ has 20% less weight than naturally occurring basalt.

Designers have thus far developed several products and are planning to license usage rights for production through third parties.

The Dream Team of Studio C 37.

Studio C 37 was founded in 2013 by young industrial designer-women. Now „our dream-team comprises 7 women and 1 man“ according to the webpage. Cooperating specialists complete the brain-pool. Technology is of paramount importance; the aim is to produce innovative material and develop new methods of processing to enable production of new products. The call: „Let’s build a world through strategic design solutions where people want to live.“

The participants are unafraid of science and research as the name implies: C 37 takes off on the Fibonacci sequence and its 137.5° angle both of which play a key role in nature, e.g. sunflower seeds which are set at exactly this angle allowing for the greatest possible number of them to fit in the smallest possible area.

The Studio recently was distinguished with the Mulier Amet award, mark of distinction of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). The prize is awarded to women poised to change the world.

C 37

Photos: C 37

Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.Studio C 37: „Magma 04“.

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