Swiss triennal of sculpture in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz until November 04, 2018

Bad RagARTz 2018: Moseholm Keld, DK.

Bad RagARTz open-air show exhibits 77 artists from 17 countries with more than 400 works, some of natural stone

Until November 04, 2018 the 7th Swiss triennal of sculpture takes part in Bad Ragaz (Switzerland) and Vaduz (Principality of Liechtenstein). 77 artists from 17 countries show more than 400 pieces of art under free sky. Not only on both sides of the Rhine valley inspiring pieces of art are exhibited, but also in the old bath of Pfäfers at the festival of small sculptures.

„It is our aim to meet the spirit of the times with the 7th triennal and to think it out artistically and philosophically where others stop“, says Esther Hohmeister who initiated the art event together with her husband Rolf.

A press release gives more details: „The effect from art in the social space and from nature is mutual, the defection on the ten-kilometer-long Sculpture way from the village core in the recreational zone is formed playfully. More compressed and in the effect 40 pieces of art will be contrastingly in the Vaduz city center.“

This year’s motto is „Haste with while – staying“. By this, the Hohmeister couple intends to take art from inside museums to the audience outside thus creating thoughts and talks.

Bad RagARTz 2018: Anna Kubach-Wilmsen, D.

The event comprises full moon excursions or jogging rounds as well as VillageArt or LiteraTours. Guided tours are offered for kids and adults.

For the first time, the new Swiss sculpture prize will be awarded during the Bad RagARTz.

Bad RagARTz

Photos: Bad RagARTz

Bad RagARTz 2018: Hugo Marxer, FL.Bad RagARTz 2018: Sibylle Pasche, CH.Bad RagARTz 2018: Marc Reist, CH.Bad RagARTz 2018: Carla Hohmeister, CH.Bad RagARTz 2018: Marc Moser, CH.Bad RagARTz 2018: Helga Vockenhuber, A.Bad RagARTz 2018: Till Augustin, D.Bad RagARTz 2018: Gil Topaz, D.Bad RagARTz 2018: Gil Topaz, D.

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