Of the colors of marble and the depth of water

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: console „Marea“ from „Agua“ collection.

Budri Company’s new collection „Agua“ by designer Patricia Urquiola is all about water and stone

In times when emulated stone is becoming more and more like natural stone, the question arises, how to set the real McCoy apart from the copy. Italian Budri Company together with designer Patricia Urquiola demonstrates one possibility: we see pieces of furniture in which color obviously emanates from the depth of the material.

„Agua“ (Spanish for water) is the name of the collection. Spanish was the language of choice because the word sounds softer than the Italian „acqua“, says Alessandra Malagoli Budri, who leads the company together with her husband Gian Marco.

The designer Patricia Urquiola was born in Spain and later became famous in Milan.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: table „Marea“ from „Agua“ collection.

For „Marea“ (tide) designer and company have jointly chosen emerald green and blue for the dominating colors – like water itself when receding from the beach or when collected in shallow pools.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: sidetables „Marea“ from „Agua“ collection.

Budri uses „watercolor“ ambiguously in his press release.

Part of the collection is „Orilla“ (Spanish for shore) including tables and vases.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: table „Orilla“ from „Agua“ collection.

Note the large table made of Iranian white Onyx extended by a green resin surface.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: vases „Orilla“ from „Agua“ collection.Budri, Patricia Urquiola: vases „Orilla“ from „Agua“ collection.

Note the interesting effect where „Orilla’s“ stabilizing mesh meets the resin. Allesandra Malagoli Budri explains: The Onyx is very fragile, so it is delivered to us with a mesh backing. We usually remove the backing but for this purpose Patricia Urquiola thought we should demonstrate the fragility of the material.“

Once again, designer and company demonstrate their thoroughness and their drive to embrace nature.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: vases „Algas“ from „Agua“ collection.

And finally „Algas“ (Algae). Vases in which, with a little imagination, seaweed can be seen.


Patricia Urquiola

Fotos: Budri

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: console „Orilla“ from „Agua“ collection.Budri’s presentation at the Salone del Mobile trade fair in Milan 2018.

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