The marble quarry not only as a material resource for art but also as an inspiration for artworks

Not only for artists, but also for the customer the Quarry is the greatest attraction of the stone world. At Marmomac 2014, Sardinian company <a href=""target="_blank">Quarrysar Group</a> showed the moment when a large block is loosened from the mountain.

In the exhibition „Cava“, Arkad Foundation shows how artists perceived the quarry / In Seravezza close to Carrara from July 28 to October 28, 2018

Update: 3D-visit of the exhibition

The marble quarry seen as a work of art is the topic of the exhibition „Cava“ organized by the Fondazione Arkad (Arkad Foundation) in Seravezza from July 28 to October 28, 2018. Shown will be works by photographers, sculptors, painters, video-artists, architects, designers – „with the aim of enthusing and involving the observer,“ as said in a press release. Seravezza is located close to Carrara at the foot of the Apuan Alps.

Special events will take place during the exhibition. One is the production of Lardo di Colonnata, at the opening day of the exhibit. This famous speck, which ripens for several months in a trough of marble, is a worldwide known peculiarity of the Apuan traditions.

Other events are a show by the poet-quarryman Sauro Mattei, a performance at the Cava Luana of Vagli, or the narrative meeting „The conspiracy of San Lorenzo. Michelangelo the illustrious victim of political power“ curated by Costantino Paolicchi.

In September will be held the conference „The image of the Apuane Quarries in nineteenth-century painting“ by Andrea Tenerini.

The closing event of the exhibition will be the theater show „La bimba che aspett“ by and with Elisabetta Salvatori.

Fondazione Arkad has its location in a historic marble sawmill adjacent to the Palazzo Mediceo outside the city of Seravezza.

Artists on show are: Nancy Allison, Miguel Ausili, Raquel Aversano, Giovanni Balderi, Neal Barab, Roberto Barberi, Stefano Baroni, Andrea Bartolucci, Vincent Beaufils, Raphael Beil, Robin Bell, Nicolas Bertoux, Mario Bibolotti, Roland Bischofberger, Hans Bol, Michel Boucquillon, Aurélien Boussin, Romano Cagnoni, Emanuela Camacci, Valente Cancogni, Enzo Cei, Craig Copeland, Elisa Corsini, Francesco Cremoni, Pier Luigi Da Prato, Daniel C. & Associates, Alain Darré, François Delebecque, Anne Deleporte, Beppe Domenici, Umit Turgay Durgun, FM Studio, Erio Forli, Sergio Fortuna, Veronica Gaido, Leonardo Gasperetti, Zoran Grinberg, Gigi Guadagnucci, Ugo Guidi, Gumdesign, Christian Hadengue, Jean François Hugues, Reinhold Kohl, Giulio Lazzotti, Marc Michel Loret, Nicola Lorusso, Marcantonio Lunardi, Benoit Luyckx, Franco Martera, Janice Mehlman, Ron Mehlman, Johannes Pfeiffer, Jean Paul Philippe, Francesco Poli, Moreno Ratti, Joel Richard, Christine Ritchie, Meliton River in Espinoza, Giovanni Romboni, Andrea Rovatti, Benvenuto Saba, Craig Schaffer, Barbara Philomena Schnetzler, Tiziano Simonelli, Gabriel Sobin, Daniela Tartaglia, Alejandro Trapani, Silvia Tuccimei, Johnny Turner, Paolo Ulian, Giovanni Umicini, Marian Vanzetto, Luca Vecoli, Simone Verona, Debra Werblud, Steve Woodward, Ko Yamazaki, Jiefu Zhou.

Arkad Foundation is a non-profit foundation, founded in 2002 with the aim of creating an intercultural center in Seravezza to promote artistic projects, to help sculptors in their work, and to welcome artists in residence. It is located in the Artco Studio, a historic marble sawmill adjacent to the Palazzo Mediceo of Seravezza, located between the Apuan Alps and the Versilia plain.

Fondazione Arkad

Author: Peter Becker

(24.07.2018, USA: 07.24.2018)