NOYEMBERYAN, a felsite from Orient Stone Company, Armenia

Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia, calibrated.Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia, calibrated.


Type of stone: Felsite

Quarry: Noyemberyan (Armenia)

Peculiarities: Felsites are fine grained magmatic (volcanic) rocks mainly composed of Quartz and Feldspar. The name is a contraction of the words Feldspar and Silicate.

Usage: Floors, wall cladding, mosaics, columns, staircases, balusters, cornices, cladding of fire places, bathrooms and swimming pools, hand rails, window sills, countertops, statues, fountains, etc.

Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia.

Physical mechanical characteristics:
Average density, kg/m3 1867
Porosity, % 23,8
Water sorption, % 10,67

Durability at pressing, kg/m3:
In dry state 409
In water- logged state 319
After 25 cycles 259
Coefficients Softening 0,78
Coefficients Frost resistance 0,81

Chemical characteristics: Oxide contents, %
SiO2 70.87
TiO2 0.24
Fe2O3 3.18
Al2O3 12.91
CaO 4.20
MgO 0.47
SO3 0.26
Na2O + K2O 0.65
Moisture (dp) 0,20
L.O.I. 7,91

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Tel.: +374 10 42-20-69. +374 10 42-09-01
Orient Stone Group has a stone processing affiliate with focus on tiles for flooring and walls or decorative products. It uses different natural stones including travertine, basalt, felsite, tuff, granite and marble. In the Ararat Region, Orient Stone has its own quarry of travertine.

Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia.Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia.Noyemberyan felsite from Armenia.Façade with elements in Noyemberyan felsite.