Design: Forceful lines on slate

(May 2010) The Italian based International Slate Company came up with an unusual marketing idea: artist Rinaldo Turati is under contract to produce exclusive tiles by applying his typical signature in form of lines and colours to thin slate layers.

„Colour“ in this context is a bit of an understatement, however, since Turati applies layers of gold and silver leaf as well as thin layers of copper giving the stone a golden, silver or reddish hue while accentuating the surface structure of the stone.

As a finishing touch Turati applies oils by means of a special method in dark brown, black and occasionally blue or green spread on brush or palette knife.

The result is a wash reflecting strong strokes and forceful design, sometimes reminiscent of bundles of hay, or simply aesthetically pleasing in the combination of colour and structure as a backdrop to the overlying strong lines. Alternative materials for the under structure are wood or tin.

„Ori d’ardesia“, or „Gilt Slate“ is the name of the product. Interested parties can order the piece of art by size or custom made for the home and, if desired, also order stone to frame the work from the standard assortment.

International Slate Company

Rinaldo Turati

Photos: International Slate Company / Peter Becker