With his sculptures, Victor Reyes emulates the transformation of natural stone on its path from the volcano to the coast

Victor Reyes: „Piedra y Luz“.Victor Reyes: „Piedra y Luz“.

Tenerife-based sculptor creates basalt objects for table tops and interior décor

„I am lucky to still belong on this island.“ That is a footnote in a mail by Spanish Sculptor Victor Reyes regarding our questions about his work and material.

The island in question is Tenerife off the Atlantic Coast of Africa with its prominent volcano Teide. The artist works with basalt: „Our beaches are strewn with chunks of rock transported down the side of the mountain by monsoon-like rainfalls to the coast where they rock back and forth in the tide for what seems to be an eternity. Finally, they find an anchor in the sand.“

So much for the way Reyes beholds the stone. Part of the perspective is how the stone changes its appearance, e.g., when polished.

He uses small machines for sawing, milling, or polishing. These are all he needs for crafting table-top sculptures.

Victor Reyes: „Expandemio“.

He claims to be self-taught; he studied design and worked as an interior decorator. His craftsmanship came from the paternal side of the family, his father having worked in construction.

For some pieces two parts must be glued together. For this he uses two component-resin. Sometimes he adds other components to the stone.

Light, too, can be part of a sculpture.

Some of his works contain an element of surprise – is he trying to play with the beholder’s expectations? „It is the aim of every artist to rouse emotions,“ he answers.

Victor Reyes: „Pecado“ (left), „Zagurna“ (right).

All his live he had „a passion for creativity” which brought him to sculpting in his mid-thirties.

Why at that time? „Once in a while you start new things, sometimes you even do not know why, and somethings these things seem to have been waiting for you,“ he ruminates in his mail.

And what did his family think of his sudden descision to take art as career? „I am blessed with support and unconditional love, I feel very privileged.“

José Víctor Reyes González (Spanish)

Photos: Vicor Reyes

Victor Reyes: „Tiempo“.Victor Reyes: „Engarzo“.Victor Reyes: „Flexor“.Victor Reyes.

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