Balducci Marmi Stonemasons are set to launch their product design marketing

Balducci Design: „Wave“.

Company head Gabriele Balducci is considering concentrating exclusively on marble washbasins

Balducci Marmi has been aspiring to enter the field of product design for some time now. The Camporgiano-based Tuscan stonemasonry enterprise has been active solely in the building branch up until recently. But with a view toward the future, Gabriele Balducci speaks of the goals he has been pursuing for the past 3 years: „In order to secure a position on the market, we must diversify.“

By no means does he intend to give up his present company profile though. On the contrary: his expertise in building and construction with natural stone and his machinery will be put to good use.

Balducci Design: „Goccia“.

Product design as he understands it, is the art of producing objects that are at once functional and aesthetically pleasing. Ensuring functionality is the job of external designers who are under contract. The beauty of the products comes with marble as a material.

Balducci Design is not interested in spectacular objects that draw attention which only a handful of wealthy individuals can afford to purchase because they are of no practical use. We are talking about aesthetics of the middle class. These are clients who are willing and able to spend generous amounts on their dwellings or gardens in exchange for many days of enjoyment.

Balducci Design: „River“.

Gabriele Balducci is a mechanical engineer but has always had an interest in design. He began making small marble objects. Soon designer friends asked him if he was willing to realize some of their ideas in natural stone.

For the first time this year, Balducci presented his line of products at the Cersaie fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings. „Response was very good. Many visitors showed an interest in our products“, he said. He is likely to focus on marble wash basins.

Balducci Design: „Sea“.

But one thing is certain: „We are and will remain a marble company, not a design studio.“ This entails leaving marketing and sales to others better suited to succeed at the challenging task. He can even envisage producing brand name products under contract. This year he also entertained a stand at the Marmomac.

Why does he not try to grow in the construction branch? „Our big opportunity is to give marble new meaning through new implementation.“

Put another way: the stone branch currently has too little product diversity (and too much stone).

Balducci Design

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Balducci Design: „Cosmos“.

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