„Green Quarrying“ as morning topic at the World Stone Congress on March 07, 2019 at the Xiamen Stone Fair

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In the afternoon, lecturers will speak about Product Design with Stone / 2nd issue of „Stone Infinite“ design exhibition

„Green Quarrying“ is the topic of the morning session on March 07, 2019 at the World Stone Congress (WSC) during Xiamen Stone Fair. International lecturers will speak about best practice in saving energy and water, increasing workplace security or reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Two speakers from China will inform about the country’s legal framework and about experiences how a company can successfully comply with these rules.

For foreign visitors, this will give an inside view into stone extraction in China.

A speaker from the U.S. will lecture about the Natural Stone Institute’s standards for sustainability in production (ANSI/NSC 373). These standards are in place since mid-2014 and meanwhile, a lot of companies has reached accreditation.

Finally, the quarry itself will be the topic. One aspect is how an ACTIVE quarry can become a habitat even for endangered animals and plants. Also will be shown examples how DEFUNCT sites can be used.

Design Afternoon and „Stone Infinite” exhibition

On the afternoon of the same day (March 07, 2019) will be held a session about „Product Design with Stone”. International speakers will present their ideas which have proved as successful in the markets. The key question is: how can stone be used for objects which are BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL AND CAN BE SOLD.

The 2nd „Stone Infinite” exhibition will follow the same guideline. In Hall B of Xiamen Stone Fair will be shown successful design items from all over the world.

These events will be organized in cooperation with Stone-Ideas.com.

Some other topics during the World Stone Congress will be:
* on the first day, the „Global Master Architects Forum“ will be held with a well-known architect as lecturer;
* during the following days, more than 40 education seminars will take place;
* for the first time, the Natural Stone Institute will present the winners of the 2018 Pinnacle Awards in China;
* „Launch Out@XSF” in Hall C3b will introduce new products.

World Stone Congress, Program 2018
Contact: Marsha Tsai, Christabel Zhang (Mail)

Xiamen Stone Fair, March 06 – 09, 2019

Author: Marcelo de Oliverira