Marmomac 2018: Ristorante d’Autore with clever designer ideas for natural stone table tops

„Stop Plastic Bags in the Sea”: Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.

The leading theme at the Italian Stone Theater, „Water and Stone“, experienced some interesting permutation

Stone and Water was the overall theme of this year’s Italian Stone Theater at Marmomac 2018. This time the Ristorante d’Autore in Hall 1 had the same topic.
Here, selected dishes created by star chefs have been served for a number of years. This time was no exception, as not merely water and stone were on the menu. But the 12 tables themselves were part of the creation: table tops were made of various types of natural stone, and in most cases, intarsia, incorporating various aspects of water.

„Raining”: Valerio Facchin / Essegi Marmi

ADI Veneto Trentino Alto Adige Delegation was able to solicit six designers for the project following a concept by architect and interior designer Silvia Sandini. Abstract brooks flow across the table, or ripples seem to extend ring shaped, like those left by drops in a pond, or imaginary waves form in the stone.

„Erosione”: Valerio Facchin / Athena Marmi

Some designers, of those who finished their works, worked their wonder in 3 dimensions creating miniature landscapes with islands and a little harbor.

And Silvia Sandini herself even created a fish jumping out of the table top: „Stop Plastics bags in the see”, was the slogan behind.

Die Designer, ihre Arbeiten und die ausführenden Firmen waren:
* „Stop Plastic Bags in the Sea” und „Brezza di mare”: Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.
* „Raining”: Valerio Facchin / Essegi Marmi
* „Erosione”: Valerio Facchin / Athena Marmi
* „La Plage Acqua Azzurra” und „Specchio d’acqua”: Michela Baldessari / Mondo Marmo Design
* „Reflections”: Paolo Criveller und Hiroyuki Yamada/ Intermac
* „Polo sciolto”: Luca Facchini / Intermac
* „Porto di Mare”: Luca Facchini / Lavagnoli Marmi
* „Solid”: Paolo Criveller / Lavagnoli Marmi

The reception table was a design by Carlo Trevisani. Wine from the Tommasi Family Estates vineyard, Valpolicella, was served.


Sandini&Corrà Architetti

Photos: Luca Morandini

„La Plage Acqua Azzurra”: Michela Baldessari / Mondo Marmo Design„Brezza di mare”: Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.„Specchio d’acqua”: Michela Baldessari / Mondo Marmo Design„Reflections”: Paolo Criveller and Hiroyuki Yamada/ Intermac„Polo sciolto”: Luca Facchini / Intermac„Porto di Mare”: Luca Facchini / Lavagnoli Marmi„Solid”: Paolo Criveller / Lavagnoli MarmiMarmomac 2018: Ristorante d’Autore.Reception table by Carlo Trevisani.

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