Love, peace, and prosperity for 2019

New in our Stone Gallery: (f.l.t.r) <a href="https://www.stone-ideas.com/63886/nero-picasso-marble-from-turkey/"target="_blank">marble Nero Picasso</a>, Eba Group, Turkey; <a href="https://www.stone-ideas.com/63522/calanca-gneiss-from-alfredo-polti/"target="_blank">Calanca gneiss</a>, Alfredo Polti, Switzerland; <a href="https://www.stone-ideas.com/59595/granite-kalguvaara-from-karelia-russia/"target="_blank">granite Kalguvaar</a>, Karelskiye Masterskiye, Kareliea, Russia; <a href="https://www.stone-ideas.com/60400/armenian-orient-ararat-travertine/"target="_blank">travertine Ararat</a>, Orient Stone LLC, Armena.

Stone-Ideas.com wishes its readers and clients a happy and prosperous New Year

A hearty thanks to all our readers for the many wonderful natural-stone-ideas from around the globe which we used for our publication.

Stone-Ideas.com is taking a few days off: Our next issue will appear on January 6th 2019.

We are looking forward to 2019.

And, to find the right tone: „Blackbird” (The Beatles, November 1968), covered by female A-Capella group „Les Brünettes”.

(29.12.2018, USA: 12.29.2018)