Mosarte of Brazil with its new collection: slate with and without metal inclusions

Mosarte: „View Copper“.Mosarte: „View Black“.Mosarte: „View Preto“.

Geometric shapes define design novelties like „View“, „Round Copper“ and „Black Rust“

„View“ is one a collection of Brazil’s Mosarte Company. Slate or marble are implemented in combination with metal inclusions providing a contrast between mat and shiny surfaces.

Tiles with metal inclusions are, however, not suitable for flooring.

The design’s distinguishing element are geometric shapes, in the case of „View“, trapezoids. Below we show an office space whose open kitchen includes a wall clad in „View“. This is office space of the CEO of a large enterprise. Design by architect Denise Taxeira.

Mosarte: „Round Copper“.Mosarte: „Black Rust“.

Other novelties are „Round Copper“ or „Black Rust“. The metal inclusions can be replaced by slate at will.

Mosarte was founded in 1995 in Brazil’s State of Santa Catarina in the far south of the country by a couple of enthusiasts for natural material and antique mosaic art. The company profile states that its products are to be of the highest quality yet simple and sleek. Another distinguishing factor is to be the hand-crafted production. The creations are sold and distributed in 30 countries across four continents worldwide.


Photos: Mosarte

Mosarte: „View Black“. Photos: Amauri Fujii, Ana PaulaMosarte: „View Black“.Mosarte: „View Black“.

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