PIERRE BLEUE BELGE limestone (Belgian Blue Stone – Petit Granit) from Belgium

Pierre Bleue Belge.

Name of the stone: Pierre Bleue Belge (Belgian Blue Stone – Petit granit)

Type of stone: Crinoidal limestone

Quarry location: Soignies (Belgium)

Peculiarities of the stone: This stone is characterized by the presence of a great many fossil remains, cemented together by a microcrystalline gangue containing very finely divided carbon. When the stone is freshly broken, the fossils produce a sparkling effect through the action of the light on the facets. The crinoids, corals and shells stand out pale against a dark background, which varies from light grey to black, through a range of bluish shades, according to the finish. The stone becomes lighter with exposure to harsh weather conditions, through the surface washing of the interwoven carbon.

* Outside: paving slabs, roadside or garden borders, wall coping, facing slabs, base course, door and window surround, stairs, boundary stone, fountain, roundabout, sculpture, etc.
* Inside: paving slabs, skirting board, door and window sill, kitchen or bathroom worktop, stairs, fireplace, etc.

Surfaces: This stone is widely admired for the numerous cuts and finishes it can take, as well as for huge range of sizes it can be given.

Les Carrières de La Pierre Bleue Belge, Chemin des carrières, 1, 7063 Neufvilles, Belgium
Mail, Tel: +32(0)67 34 68 00, http://www.pierrebleuebelge.be

Technical data:
Calcite ± 96%, traces of dolomite, quartz and pyrite
Apparent density: 2686 kg/m3
Open porosity: 0.31 % vol
Compressive strength: 146 N/mm2
Compressive strength after freeze: 143 N/mm2
Flexural strength: 22 N/mm2
Flexural strength after freeze: 18 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance (Capon method): 19.3 mm

Pierre Bleue Belge.Pierre Bleue Belge.Pierre Bleue BelgePierre Bleue Belge.Pierre Bleue Belge.