SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont) from the Belgian Ardennes

SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).

Name of the stone: Slate from Herbeumont (schiste d’Herbeumont)

Type of stone: Shale stone/Slate

Color: brown and blue

Quarry location: Orgeo in the Belgian Ardennes

Peculiarities of the stone: The quarry produces blocks and slabs. Some of the blocks are sold to stonemasons, the rest is cut up produce coping stones and tiles.
The slabs are split for use as Japanese stepping stones, paving slabs, gabions and other garden items. Alongside these traditional products, the quarry has introduced slate chips and paving for garden paths and flower beds, thus creating three products from one. As slate chips are naturally flat, they do not roll underfoot, are comfortable to walk on and hold their position on a slope. In addition, their neutral pH and the fact that their colour does not fade makes them highly suitable for garden use.

SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).

Usage: Blocks, Facings & Rubble Stones, Coping Stones & Low Walls, Japanese paving stones, Paving, Retaining Walls, Slate chips, Stairs, Swimming pools and water features, Tables, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Tiling, Open fireplaces

Surfaces: raw finish, softened finish, cleaved finish, brushed finish, sanded finish

Contact: Ardoisières d’Herbeumont, Mr. Benoît Pierlot, Rue du Babinay 2, 6880 Orgeo, Belgium, Tel: +32 475 233 761, Mail

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SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).SLATE FROM HERBEUMONT (schiste d’Herbeumont).