Antoniolupi 2019: a brilliant mix of materials and colors

Antoniolupi, Carlo Colombo: „Albume“.

Italian design company combines colored polyester resin with white and black marble

Cristalmood is a new material which Antoniolupi has added to its repertoire as a 2019 novelty for bathroom accessories. This is a clear polyester resin which can be colored by adding pigments. It resists corrosion and damage through household cleaners as well as chemicals such as acetone, benzine etc. Antoniolupi developed the material itself according to their press release.

Designer Carlo Colombo implemented Cristalmood in his collection „Albume“. The shape is sleek – a conical base under a reversed wash basin. The client has a choice of material and colors: The polyester foot can also be replaced by a base in Carrara marble or Nero Marquina.

Antoniolupi, Carlo Colombo: „Albume“.Antoniolupi, Carlo Colombo: „Albume“.

The freedom of choice allows for unusual arrangements, of particular interest for individualists and those keen on spectacular design.
The washbasins are available in two shapes: conical or compressed and thus rounder.

Antoniolupi, AL Studio: „Reflex“.Antoniolupi, AL Studio: „Reflex“.

Cristalmood-resin is also the stuff bathtub „Reflex“ is made of. The AL Studio designers set an unmistakable accent with it wherever it is placed.
According to the press release, Cristalmood is 30% lighter than comparable material.


Photos: Antoniolupi

(12.03.2019, USA: 03.12.2019)