Pesaro’s „Scultura della Memoria“ by sculptor Giuliano Vangi deals with the meta-themes of mankind

Giuliano Vangi: „Scultura della Memoria“.

Giancarlo Selci, founder of the Biesse Group, solicited the piece as an homage to his wife Anna

The title of the limestone sculpture adorning the Plaza in Pesaro, Italy since 2018 is an understatement: „Scultura della Memoria“ (Sculpture of Memory) is the name artist Giuliano Vangi gave his work. But the piece is all about the meta-themes moving humanity, love, art, memory, and time-so-fleeting.

The work was donated by Giancarlo Selci, founder of the Biesse Group, a conglomerated enterprise producing various machines for working natural stone, among other materials. He dedicated the work to his wife, Anna Gasparucci Selci, about whom he wrote: „My wife was a strong visionary and charismatic person: she was an empathic but proud businesswoman, and I had the great fortune of sharing her life with her. Together we made Biesse what it is today. She had a passion for art and culture and was convinced that business culture cannot exist without a culture of beauty and goodness.“

Refurbishment of Pesaro’s Piazza Mosca near Rimini presented the perfect occasion to erect a memorial in her name.

Giuliano Vangi: „Scultura della Memoria“.

At the center of the multitiered limestone sculpture in Pietra di Apricena an ode to the love of art: from behind the curtain an actor appears and walks toward the beholder; he holds a mask in front of his face.

Giuliano Vangi: „Scultura della Memoria“.

On the other side, the figure of a woman out of the public, reading the musical score of The Barber of Seville.
The Opera was written by Gioachino Rossini, born in Pesaro, where the 150th anniversary of his death was celebrated in 2018.

Another relief in the stone wall depicts Federico da Montefeltro, who made a name for himself as an art lover and patron. Other famous persons are immortalized in the sculpture as well.

It’s all about great art and Italy’s great past.

Giuliano Vangi: „Scultura della Memoria“.

Almost as a footnote, the natural affection and fondness of men and women to one another is expressed by a young couple embracing. The two are sculpted from one block and their intimacy seems to merge in a single thought.
Next to the embracing couple, the artist left a space for beholders to take a seat. Across there is more seating space. The faces are abstractly distorted.

The suclpture was realized with the help of CNC-machinery. Biesse’s affiliate Intermac has its headquarters in Pesaro.
Anna Gasparucci Selci passed in September 2017.

Anna Gasparucci Selci

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Photos: Comune di Pesaro