Casa Fantini at Lago d’Orta: garden surrounded by a stone wall with many colors and various shapes

Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.

The stone creates a contrast between nature and the modern style of the building

A wall of stones with many colors and shapes is a defining element in the landscape design for the garden behind the Casa Fantini at the lake Orta in the little village of Pella in Northern Italy not far from the Lago Maggiore.

Though the five star Hotel with 9 rooms and 2 suites is in modern – so to say: civilized – style, the stone wall brings in nature’s contrasting irregularity. The wall has its continuation at the ground floor façade of the building.

The height of the wall also defines the inside and gives an atmosphere of seclusion.

Spectacular is the view on the lake (Lago d’Orta) with the island of San Giulio.

Landscape designer was Paghera Green Service, architect of the building was Piero Lissoni.

Casa Fantini

Source: Casa Fantini

Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.Casa Fantini.

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