Suspended lamp „Wandering Star“ with semispherical marble shade

Viso: „Wandering Star“.

Filipe Lisboa of Viso Company, Canada, received a Red-Dot-Award for product design 2018 for his lamps

„Luminous. Tactile. Posh.“ the description by Viso Company of Canada is short and concise in verbalizing attributes to the suspended lamp „Wandering Star“. The lamp received a Red-Dot-Award for product design 2018.

One distinguishing factor is the uneven semispherical halves of the shade: the top half is made of natural stone, the lower half, of cast glass. The two halves are separated by a thin bronze-colored ring.

The shades are available in five types of marble for the upper half: Nero Black, Carrara White Goss, Travertino, Indian Green, and Matte White. The lamps are available in two sizes with a diameter of 110 mm (4.3”) and 160 mm (6”) respectively.

The lamps were designed by Filipe Lisboa, founder and chief designer of Viso which entertains its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The company is globally active and has subsidiaries and production sites in Portugal and Dubai.


Viso: „Wandering Star“. Viso: „Wandering Star“. Viso: „Wandering Star“.

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