„Printemps de la Pierre“ (Stone Spring) at the Massif Central in France until June 30, 2019

Printemps de la Pierre 2019.

Promotion of local stone and stonemasons’ culture / Focus on Drystone Walling

Until June 30, 2019, the 5th „Printemps de la Pierre“ (Stone Spring) takes place in the Massif Central in France. Four départements (Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie) cooperate to promote their local stones and the professions in the sector.

The program comprises not only visits to quarries or stonemasons’ workshops but also trainings for amateurs in sculpting. Other topics are learning to use natural stone in restoration or construction.

A central role plays Drystone Walling which has a long tradition in the region with mountains and plateaus. In meetings and seminars, participants learn the basic knowledge of how to erect such a wall without mortar, what are its ecological potential and its artistic value.

A special aspect of the stone culture there is the combination of local lava from the Volvic region with enamel to create e.g. long-lasting information plates in touristic centers.

5ème Printemps de la Pierre (French)

(12.05.2019, USA: 05.12.2019)