Former Spanish Grabasa company gets a new lease on life by German owned Piedra CyP (Piedra Canteras y Produccion S.L.)

The company’s focus will be on focus super-thin stone panels. Screenshot of the webpage of Balke&Partner.The company will focus on super-thin stone panels in big sizes

Grabasa, once one of the biggest granite producers in the Spanish region of Extremadura, has been given a new lease of life and will resume its activities within the coming 3 months. „The future production range will be from 14 cm thickness flooring for pedestrian areas to 1 mm thickness stone veneer in all worldwide available rocks“, according to a press release.

In January 2019, the recently founded Spanish company Piedra Canteras y Produccion S.L. (Piedra CyP) had auctioned Grabasa for 2.1 million € after 2 failures when there had been no bids. The starting price had been 2.4 million €, before. The owner of Piedra CyP is German entrepreneur Christoph Otto Uetz. The company site is in Burguillos del Cerro.

German consultants Balke&Partner had helped in the bidding process and will „run the entire operation for the next three years“, as said in the press release. „The goal is to produce high demanded thin-stone panels in 5 mm with fiberglass backing in 200/300 cm and 2 mm or 3 mm panels with different carriers such as honeycomb, lightweight concrete, alucobond, glass or carbon fibre to produce kitchen countertops, façade elements and high demanded backlit panels.“

At the moment, Piedra CyP is on a search for bilingual experts (English/German/Spanish).

Balke&Partner LLC

(04.06.2019, USA: 06.04.2019)