Simone Micheli launches a call for artists to design a room in the Soul Art Hotel in Naples

Logo Simone Micheli.

The goal is the create a place space devoted to art, design and creative inspiration

Italian architect and designer Simone Micheli has launched a call for artists: for the renovation of a historic hotel in Naples, 25 artists shall develop the design for 25 rooms. The project is called the Soul Art Hotel and the goal is that each room will not only offer hospitality but an unique experience of emotion and sensation: „It is a place that takes its shape from the continuous overthrow of the current perspective: on the outside it is a historical building with powerful traits, inside it is a space devoted to art, to design and to creative inspiration, as said in the press release.“

Each room has about 18 square meters. At the start, the walls are white like canvas – after the artists have finished their design work on plasterboard or on ordinary masonry, each room shall have an individual character.

The artists must match the furniture designed by Simone Micheli also be complementary with his ideas in general.

From the entries in the form of a CV and a portfolio with 5 works at maximum, a jury will select 25 artists. „The materials for the decorative project as well as the accommodation during the working days will be offered to the artists. A press campaign on about 2000 journalists from all over the world will follow the launch of the project“, as said in the press release.

Deadline for entries is June 30, 2019.

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Work of Simone Micheli using stone from Grassi Pietre

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