„Safe Stone Shopping” is a free 3-minute video from the Natural Stone Institute

Screenshot from the new safety video.

A stone showroom is not a playground – safety guidelines for consumers entering such a place or a fabrication facility for the first time

„Feel Free to touch the stone surfaces … but do not try to move a slab“ is one of the key-phrases in a new video entitled „Safe Stone Shopping” released by the Natural Stone Institute. The 3-minute resource is designed to provide safety guidelines for consumers entering a natural stone showroom or fabrication facility for the first time.

It may sound absurd but: most accidents happen because people do not know about the dangers which may result from wrong behavior in dealing with stone.

The video provides an overview of safety requirements and things one should consider before entering a working facility.

This video will be beneficial for natural stone distributors and fabricators with showrooms open to the public. The video can be incorporated into existing safety programs and orientation processes already in place for stone shop visitors.

„Safe Stone Shopping” is available free of charge courtesy of the Natural Stone Institute’s safety committee. To access the video and other safety resources, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAuBxK17H1E&feature=youtu.be

More information about the safety topic at the NSI website.

Source: Natural Stone Institute

(16.06.2019, USA: 06.16.2019)