Company news: Achilli’s CNC controlled saw named „Gold“

Achilli’s CNC controlled saw „Gold“. Rendering: Achilli

Its sturdy and monoblock design with a hot dipped galvanized frame guarantees many years of reliable performance

Italian producer of stone machinery sent us the following press release about its bridge saw „Gold“ for stone and ceramic fabricators:

„GOLD is a CNC controlled saw; its sturdy and monoblock design with a hot dipped galvanized frame guarantees many, many years of reliable performance. The main features of this model are the extremely accurate and consistent stone sawing, as well as the ease of use. Indeed the GOLD is capable of fully automatic operation, but it can be also operated in semi-automatic mode to give the operator full control of the operations.

Outstanding performance and user-friendly operation:
* Automatic head tilt from 90 to 0 degrees;
* Hydraulic tilting worktable;
* CNC axis control unit with touch-screen color display for cuts programming;
* Automatic head rotation 0-360 degrees;
* High precision head motion on linear guides with recirculating ball slides.
* 1/2” gas connection for mounting core drill bits and perform automatic drilling cycles.

Ideal for large slabs:
* X axis travel: 4000mm (13’1″), Y axis travel: 2350mm (7’8″)
* Pre-loaded parametric figures: hexagon, octagon, kitchen top, trapezium, polygon…
* Profiling CNC environment to create artistic frames and decorations;
* Laser alignment device;
* Remote pendant control;
* Powerful 15HP motor with variable frequency drive from 800 to 3000 rpm.“



Logo of Achilli company.

(22.06.2019, USA: 06.22.2019)