Design: Inlays for Azerbaijan

(June 2010) When there is talk of promising markets, the Gulf States are the main target closely followed by the Asian newcomers like China, India and their neighbours. Hardly anyone bothers to mention the States of the former Soviet Republic, particularly Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan or Georgia. Though mass consumerism has not yet set foot in these countries, there is a definite market among the upper crust and politics.

Proof of the pudding is delivered by the Turkish Taspinar Company and its inlay work. To put it bluntly: these products are very pricey. Not only because expensive types of stone are used but also because design and know-how kick in with value added.

Among the outstanding public projects were meter long seal as a floor inlay commissioned by the Parliament in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Founded in 1989, the company earned its stripes with classic craftsmanship during its first half decade, i.e. producing classic mosaics. Since then, with the implementation of modern technology the company has also made a name for itself with water-jet production.

Taspinar’s General Manager, Asiye Kurt, studied mechanical engineering and is not merely the firms CEO but also the brain behind the designing ideas. She honed her creativity during her university studies in designing courses.

„Our clients love hand-crafted products“, as Kurt expounds. Depending on the customer’s wishes, Taspinar is positioned to accommodate them from modern décor to classic or even religious motifs.

Taspinar grows from strength to strength when the customer contributes his own proposal. That is when the 25 co-workers team up to deliver not only a draft of the finished product but also to suggest the best stone types to get the job done.

Of course Taspinar also delivers to Western Europe. „Our products are too pricey for the US-market at the moment“, according to Kurt. So she is concentrating on the Gulf States for the time being. And: „We aim to take care of our Turkish Communities in neighbouring States to a greater extent in future.“

Taspinar Marble