Interior designer Elisabetta de Strobel presents the lamp „Deep Red“ made of Verona Red marble

Elisabetta de Strobel, Marmorosso company: lamp „Deep Red“.

The petrographically: ammonite limestone had been used in many famous buildings in the North Italian stone city

Elisabetta de Strobel sent us the following press release about her latest product design idea using natural stone:

„,To say that red marble is an ancient stone is an understatement. Its technical name is Red Ammonite and in Verona, we call it Red Verona’.

„That is how the interior designer Elisabetta de Strobel begins her story. A ,classical’ stone, but one with profoundly fascinating depths, rather neglected at present, so it is important to suggest its use for important design products linked to contemporary lifestyles.

„It is just this balance between design and industry that brings us Deep Red: a lighting fixture with ancient content, a product of skilled craftsmanship framed in contemporary lines.

„The production is handled by Gianluca Fasani of Cave Fasani Celeste, using a single block of marble. This modular lamp consists of two elements – one vertical and the other horizontal – that can be used together or separately, with chamfered corners and dual treatment of the surfaces, which are both polished and acid-treated to exalt the natural appearance of this highly refined marble.

Elisabetta de Strobel, Marmorosso company: lamp „Deep Red“.

„The warmth of the red marble is emphasized by a 3000 degree Kelvin LED light that is both dramatic and enveloping.

Elisabetta de Strobel, Marmorosso company: lamp „Deep Red“.

„The Verona Red marble is featured in the most important architectural and artistic works of its namesake city, such as the Arena, the Roman Theater, the Cathedral. Ammonite limestone quarried in the area is exported all over the world and used in religious and secular art and architecture in other cities and capitals of Italy, in both historic and contemporary contexts.

„Elisabetta de Strobel designed this lamp for Marmorosso, a Verona start-up founded with the mission to enhance the value of this area, starting from its native stone. In business since July 2018, the company works to spread the culture of marble through events, conferences, and collaborations in the design and architecture sectors and to provide specialized technical and scientific support.“

Elisabetta de Strobel


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Elisabetta de Strobel, Marmorosso company: lamp „Deep Red“.

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