Stone mosaics for the soul by US artist Nick Gilbert

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

He names his works „Poetry of Stone“ subtitled „Stone Artistry for the Soul“

„Poetry of Stone“, subtitled „Stone Artistry for the Soul“ is the name Nicholas Gilbert gave his mosaics in a myriad of designs. They are inobtrusive accessories for spaces usually not noticed, e.g.: the bathroom floor or the entrance hall. Just such spaces give everyday life a special accent, particularly when the works were solicited to awaken a feeling of joy every day.

Power to those, who appreciate such humble luxury.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

Nick Gilbert grew up with artistic design: he constantly accompanied his father to the wood studio. „When I was about 8 he also taught me various skills with tools for building,“ as he writes.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

At the age of 17 he took up an apprenticeship with a stonemason and tiler. „A couple years later I began creating artistic custom elements with stone and knew that was something I could do well.“
He was granted a scholarship to study at the Rhode Island School of Design and by and by on various renovation projects and was bestowed the Certificate of Excellence by the New York State Historic Preservation Society.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

„Luz“ was his first piece created in his mother’s cellar at the age of 19.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

His first paid contract was „Mandala Bathroom“.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

Depending on the contract, Gilbert will make suggestions, or the customer might have ideas of his own. But the idea is always to give a room a special something. „When a client is interested in seeing what I can envision for a space I generally spend some time in the space as well as discussing the clients likes and dislikes regarding color, design, texture etc.“

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

His favorite material is natural stone with strong, clear colors. Often he uses waste which he might acquire and collect. For large contracts he might buy certain types of stone. He sometimes combines stone with ceramic tiles.

He also creates pieces in wood and works with glass. Murals are also part of his repertoire.

„Poetry of Stone“ by Nicholas Gilbert.

On his webpage bird homes caught our eye. They look somewhat akin to dwarf dwellings with stone shingled roofs.

He designs these mostly for hospitals, nursing homes and hospices „as a contrast to the sterile atmosphere“, he writes.

A few years ago, he himself won the battle against cancer and now sums up: „I believe the combination of the birds, their songs, the beauty of plants and trees, unique bird homes, bird feeders and bird baths could truly be a place to heal.“

Nick Gilbert

Photos: Nick Gilbert

Nicholas Gilbert.

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