Craftspeople from all over the world may apply for the „Loewe Foundation Craft Prize“

Logo of the Loewe Foundation's Craft Prize.

The award worth 50,000 € for the winner and an exhibition for the finalists shall „celebrate excellence in craftsmanship“

Spanish Loewe Foundation has launched an open call for the 4th edition of its „Craft Prize“. The award aims to „celebrate excellence in craftsmanship“ as said in the application documents. Craft is to be understood here as objects with high design or artistic value produced in manufacture style.

The Prize for the winning piece of work is 50,000 €.

The works of the winner and the finalists will be included in the exhibition „Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2020“ and its accompanying catalog, on view in Paris in the spring of 2020 or any other location that the foundation may deem appropriate.

All participants must be professional artisans of 18 years or older. Entries may be made by an individual or collective as group submission. Businesses and mercantile companies of any kind are excluded.

All nationalities are welcome.

Due to limitations of the exhibition space, the work has to be able to pass through an access of 2 m by 1.30 m, whole or in pieces.

Entries may be made up of either one single piece of work or one series of works. They must not be older than 5 years and must not have won another award before.

The deadline for applications is October 30, 2019, inclusive, through the Craft Prize-webpage.

Out of the entries, at the end of January 2020, an experts panel will shortlist up to 30 works which will be shown in the above-mentioned exhibition in Paris. The selected works must be in France before April 01, 2020. The organizer will take care of transportation, its costs and customs duties, taxes, insurance, and the like.

The Exhibition may travel to other cities during one year. After that, the works will be shipped back to their makers on costs of the organizers.

The jury will take its decision of the winning work in spring 2020. The winner will be invited to form part of the Jury in the following call of the Prize.

Copyright remains with the artists. But if the winner or the finalists (or the producer of a special mention) want to sell their work during one year, Loewe or Loewe Foundation has a pre-emptive right, in that period.

The Loewe Foundation was established in 1988 by Enrique Loewe Lynch, head of the company producing luxury fashion items made of leather and other materials. One of its primary purposes is to support design and craftsmanship. In 2002, the foundation was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts, the highest honor granted by the Spanish Government in this sector.

The webpage of the Craft Prize is available in Spanish, English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.